Adaption Package

All of our adaptions are supplied complete with bolting and finished in black paint.

The adaption components are all marked with their identification number and the bolting is placed in sealed bags.

The adaption package is supplied with a hard copy of a drawing of the adaption which includes a bill of material to help the final assembler and to ensure that nothing has been misplaced.

Electronic copies of the adaption drawing can be supplied upon request free of charge for your records.

Composite Assembly Drawings

We can produce drawings that include all the information that you specify.

If you provide us your company logo or background template, we will create the drawing as your work.

We have a great pricing structure to help your budget and minimize the impact of drawing changes. We have standard costs per drawings and a low cost for duplicate drawings (identical drawings with only different tag#) . Two levels of drawing change costs; text only changes and equipment changes.

Contact us for our pricing for your drawing work.